August 08, 2008

Tokyo Ueno Zoo

Andrew was determined to see the zoo-- the one place he'd really wanted to see last last year when we did a walking tour of Tokyo on the hottest day in recorded Japanese history.
Ueno Zoo is in the large Ueno Central Park-- full of not only trees and fountains, but also home to the National Art Museum, performing arts centers, various other art museums and a science and natural history museum. Photo at left in part of a set found here-- the National Museum, a fountain and a home-less man-- of which there are many.
I love zoos-- and this was of the most pleasant I've been to-- surprisingly spacious for the center of Tokyo and uncrowded, in spite of it being a holiday. There were lots of trees, pleasant enclosures for the animals and.... oh, don't feed the gorillas.
I've posted a set of thirteen zoo photos on Picasa.

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