August 21, 2008

Tokyo 'Net Rooms' Offer Help

This is my letter to the editor regarding 'Behind the News: Is communal living the key to a happy society? 19 August 2008

[note: I had to remove the link to this article, as after a few days the paper's articles are archived, and require a fee-- sorry. Lesson learned. Next time I will at least summarize what what in the article. If you do need to find it for any reason, go to: It's a 525yen monthly fee.]

Dear Editor: During my recent trip to Tokyo, I was amazed at the intensity of the city-- while at the same time noticed those who stuggle at the fringes of this massive 'machine'.

I wish the Tokyo 'net rooms' and related projects success in helping those who find themselves outside the limited graces of our increasingly cold self-seeking society. Sadly, we rarely notice those who have fallen 'off the grid' into isolation, destitution, desperation and despair-- except briefly when some turn to crime, suicide or random acts of violence.

We all benefit from our connections to our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and fellow citizens-- nationally and internationally. However, 'intentional communities'-- a broader term of which the article's mention of communes is part-- increase our interdependence. They increase the power of 'us' when so much energy is being channeled into 'me'.

More than an aid for those who are desperate and have nothing, cooperative living is also an option for those who have everything and want more. Having experienced living in Christian communities in nine countries for nearly forty years, I see cooperative living as a powerful, beneficial, caring, loving alternative for our world-- as opposed to the 'New World Order' of selfish dog-eat-dog materialistic aggression and its ultimate fulfillment in war.

Where are more entrepreneurs of love?-- the World needs you!

Bruce, Nagano

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