October 26, 2007

A Love Story with Balloons

The Fun and Function of Mime and Balloon Art Performing

Costumes, Performance Tips-- and a Bit of Banter-- Enjoy!

Here is the version of a story I tell as I make a heart balloon with kissing birds for couples who speak English. It's the basis for a routine that I use in Japanese with fewer words and more mine.

I first ask if they want to hear a love story. Then, as I tie a balloon in a circle I say,

"Love, the real kind, lasts forever. It's like a circle that has no end.”

(for married couples I'd add, 'like your wedding ring')

"Sometimes, people even 'tie the knot' (get married) — to the boy: “Don't worry.”

Married couples often reply, "Oh, we've taken care of that", or something similar.

"Even the path of true love isn't always straight,” as I shape the circle into a heart.

There is sometimes a bit of friction”, as I rub the two sides to make them even.

But love always wins in the end,” as I show them the completed heart.

I then get the couple to each hold one side, pausing to say,

'Ahh' -- as in, 'Lovely'. Then I tell them,

Now, a bit of magic as I make two birds from one balloon.”

Since the completed bird's beaks are touching, I'll look, pause, and say,

Oh, they're kissing!” before I attach the birds to the heart.

I usually, have the guy present the heart to the girl-- modeling it with passion as I described in the 'How It Works-- The Act' post, earlier in this series.

I always end with an introduction to a love that will never leave them and give them something to read.

You can find my favorite, Somebody Loves You, here.

Along with a wonderful variety of other inspiring reading.

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