October 26, 2007

Poignant Performing Pointers

The Fun and Function of Mime and Balloon Art Performing

Costumes, Performance Tips-- and a Bit of Banter-- Enjoy!

I've had some small opportunities to perform over the years-- a little mime, a bit-part in a movie, commercial voice-overs-- but in the last ten years, more regularly. Beginning as a balloon art performer in restaurants or parties or a clown for special events, hospitals or fund-raisers, I migrated to using mime, balloon art and banter as a street performer.

I'm not a professional by any stretch of imagination. I can't do magic, perform acrobatics or juggle. However, I've developed a routine that works for what I do-- fun, fruitful and functional. I enjoy entertaining, or just mingling and meeting folks to communicate my favorite subject-- God's love for them.

During over 2000 hours 'on stage', I think I've gained even more than I've given. In this short series of posts explains a bit about how I started and what I've learned-- costumes, performing tips and more.

You can see a narrated series of photos of my performances in Fukuoka, Japan here:


And here is a 'balloon art' how-to' site:

Airigami, the art of folding air in specially prepared latex containers.”

read more on Larry Moss' site: http://www.balloonhq.com/

Step out today, outside the boundaries of conformity;

If it will make a way, for love to work in its enormity!

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from a fellow street performer!

I totally relate to what you said:
"During over 2000 hours 'on stage', I think I've gained even more than I've given. "
If I didn't perform on the streets I would never have had the chance to meet all those wonderful people.

Keep up the good work,

all the best,

'Saw Lady'

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