The Love Operating System

Faith is not a complicated set of religious rituals or passed down customs, it's an awakening to the purpose of life.

Faith is activated when a human 'computer' plugs into the power of the force that made and runs the world-- when a seeking heart pushes the 'power' switch.

Once faith is activated, the pre-installed operating system kicks in. It is based on an early version: Jeremiah 33.v.3 ('You call, I answer'), and written with the dependable, steady, underlying code of LOVE. It also comes with a 24/7 broadband wireless connection to heaven for all the latest updates and announcements.

Here is a statement from the system's creator:

"Faith and simplicity, they tie together; they are one. All these things are simple. The 'interface' is simple. Of course, I am complex beyond anything you can even begin to comprehend. Even your world is more complex than mankind cares to acknowledge, yet the patterns of my Creation and its laws and guiding principles are simple, so that, although my ways and thoughts are above yours-- really 'far-out'-- they are as comprehensible as they need to be for your-- and my-- purposes."

To use this wonderful, powerful-- yet simple-- system, here's what you do:

Just enter your user name (that's you) and the password (J-e-s-u-s)

Now, Click on: 'Okay, I understand, you gave Your life for me.'

And you're in!-- Your free open-source, life operating system with an extremely simple, user-friendly interface-- JESUS-- is fully activated.

(A word from Jesus)

"You can find my will. You can live the life of love I have called you to. You can interact with me... by following the guidelines of the simple interface that I have provided-- point and click, that's it!

Of course, you can explore the underlying principles of each 'command' and study my 'system specs' until you become an expert. You can explore all the various commands, shortcuts and sub-menus-- but the basics are there for all, otherwise it wouldn't have been for all. I didn't make my interface for spiritual geeks, it's for all.

Good. You got it.

Now, you will, of course, never understand all the forces of physics that make it all happen in a computer. Even as scientists can do little more than observe, describe and deduct as they delve deeper and deeper-- No more can you understand the depths of my world. But, if you wish, you can ask me to help you to explore its depths and observe its workings. It's amazing and fun-- you'll see."