Bruce's Bios

These words and photos-- good, bad, great or awful-- are my personal adventures and misadventures, interests and opinions.

 I now live in Japan, although originally from the USA, and have spent around twenty years living, working or volunteering in numerous other countries-- in Costa Rica, China, India, Mexico and Canada-- and traveling in a few more. Besides these pages, here on Blogspot, I also keep up digitally with my friends and family-- now a couple-dozen children and grandchildren-- around the world on Wordpress, Twitter and Facebook and photos on Flickr and Picasa.

When I'm not working-- or blogging-- I enjoy photography and performing -- I'm an amateur mime, balloon artist and busker. I also like to bicycle and hike in the beautiful Japanese countryside -- often with my son, Andrew.

I also can't resist stopping often to meet people and talk-- another hobby, of sorts, learning everyones' stories-- there are so many of them! Soon I'll know some of your thoughts and stories, as you share your comments and links at the bottom of my posts. I also always respond to my email -- tipserve AT gmail DOT com,

At your tip-service, Bruce