August 02, 2010

Back to Street Performing-- That is, Festival Performing: Shimizu Harbor Festival

Shimizu is one of the three wards of the city of Shizuoka. It has a large port, including a terminal for ferries going to the Izu Peninsula.  Next to the terminal is a yacht harbor and a shopping, restaurant and theater center-- which, on August first, hosted the Shimizu Harbor Festival.

There were performances all day, special events, acts, lots of food stalls and evening fireworks. I was invited to bring my wandering mime and balloon art act for the middle of the day-- for about four hours.

Since I hadn't performed for about two months, I wasn't sure I could go the full time-- and for Andrew too-- my partner on this very hot and humid, but thankfully over-cast, day-- but we did manage to keep cool.

After each loop through the area-- about double the size of the area shown in the top photo-- we cooled down inside of the air-conned shopping center. 

The kind food stall folks also keep us supplied with cold drinks and even some yummy Turkish kabobs (left photo) brought all the way from near Tokyo.-- Teşekkürler!

As always, the audience was great and enjoyed getting pulled into my performance. People are used to street acts, since the biggest cultural event of the year in Shizuoka is the annual Daidogei World Cup-- a buskers festival that brings top international acts for four days every November.

The organizers, Shizuoka Junior Chamber International, did a great job making us feel welcome and setting up a nice area for us-- Thanks Koji-san! I hope we can go again next year!

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