July 30, 2010

I'm back! --Well, most of me.

I survived, hat didn't
A month ago today I was a battered, bumped, bruised, bewildered mess with no idea what had happened when I crashed my bike on my way home the previous evening.

Today still have a funny bump on my separated shoulder (which I'm told will not disappear), and a body still not 100%-- as in range of motion and energy-- but most of the pain and bruises, and all of the bandages and slings, are gone. I'm told that it'll be eight or ten more weeks for the shoulder to heal, but for the past week I've at least been free from the pain and headaches and in the last few days returned to my normal schedule-- thank God.

I'm extremely thankful for my kind friends-- from those who picked me up from the hospital-- and patiently explained to me why I was there, as I had no idea-- and, of course, to those who cared for me here and prayed for me everywhere. Thank you!

More things to be thankful for:

That the last student on my first of day teaching was a physiotherapist specializing in broken bones who took me straight to his clinic afterwards.

For the chiropractor who spent hours convincing my body to behave, ending each session with prayer-- including a thankful one, with which I heartily agreed...

That I was spared from anything more serious-- and I'm alive!

Time becomes infinitely more important and valuable when there suddenly becomes dramatically less of it available, so I'm also thankful for this extremely effective opportunity to reevaluate my priorities and to closely examine how I spend my time.

Most of us arrive at times like these, when we feel the need to reevaluate our life's purpose, direction and effectiveness. My personal 'prompts' have often just seemed so extreme. Probably the downside of the same thing that probably prevented more serious damage in my crash-- considering how hard and the way I landed-- I'm just so thick-headed!

Over the coming weeks, I'll try not to bother you any more with medical details-- unless I need more prayer, can't do without that!

Again, thank you dear friends!

"The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present." --Kung Fu Panda! --Ha!