April 28, 2010

Peruse Bruce's News and Views and TIPserve.com Upgraded-- Plus New: Whispers and Wonders

This is my first update in several weeks. Sorry-- I've been busy completely overhauling both of my sites with more to come.
James (of Jamesjpn.net) spent an entire day helping me-- mostly answering about an hundred questions that I had stored up, enabling me to make some real progress. The biggest job was FINALLY getting TIPserve.com upgraded after a three year delay.

Intensive Japanese Program for Andrew

Andrew started a special intensive Japanese language program meant to bring his Japanese to the standard for his age in just six months, by October. He's picked up by a van at 8am and dropped off at 5pm-- quite a long day. The school is very small, an NGO-run, government-sponsored effort to help the children of foreign workers-- mostly children of overseas descendants of Japanese here as part of a special work-visa program, from Brazil, Columbia, Peru and The Philippines.

For Andrew to get up to speed in speaking Japanese seems quite possible, he has already become quite conversant over just the past year, even before he started the school It is the reading and writing that will be a challenge. He'll need to know about a thousand kanji and kana- Chinese based characters and the two Japanese phonetic alphabets.