March 28, 2010

Hanami- Cherry Blossom Viewing Begins This Week.

This is the first weekend of my favorite season in Japan-- the blooming of the cherry trees. Although 'hanami' originally meant simply 'flower viewing', it now means, 'cherry blossom viewing'.

Plum trees began blooming weeks ago, but for me this was just a promise of spring. When the cherry trees bloom, spring is really here.

I hope that the photos I've taken over six past seasons are varied enough to portray a portion of hanami's meaning and beauty.

Here are some info links if you want to know more:

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Amy said...

When Tom and I first became engaged it was just before Cherry Blossom season. I had to take a trip out of Japan and so Tom cut and saved a blossom for me in ice. Unfortunately I never made it back to Japan so I didn't get to see it after all.

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