February 27, 2010

Media Madness-- Our Choice

It's the menace that everyone loves to hate but can't seem to live without. -Paddy Chayevsky
 Kyle Cunningham wrote:
"I was just thinking. Do you plan to do a post on OUR part in this?-- That they show us what we want."
Hmm... Do you think I can be THAT truthful?...
I just watched a forwarded video with a popular news commentator/comedian who mocked America's untenable financial position and unsustainable world view-- people laughed. Between each shocking fact, he extolling America's power and greatness to great applause. Which did people believe?

I think that it proved that people accept what they want and they won't hear what they don't want to hear. Politicians lie. Governments covers up dirty deeds-- and gets caught. We are bombarded with the false logic of 'bombs for peace' and 'give up your freedoms and take away others' freedom... so we can all be free... er, more secure'-- yet people continue to believe in what they want-- ignoring what they don't.

There was an exit poll the day George Bush was re-elected. They asked those who'd voted for Bush, if there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. For an entire week, the Bush administration had admitting that there were, in fact, none-- yet the majority of those polled said, yes, there were.
Television is an anesthetic for the pain of the modern world. ~Astrid Alauda
I'm sorry that in earlier posts that I only implied our part. Like the father in "The Stranger", it was his choice. It was his fascination with all the stranger had to offer that got him.
If you came and you found a strange man... teaching your kids to punch each other, or trying to sell them all kinds of products, you'd kick him right out of the house, but here you are; you come in and the TV is on, and you don't think twice about it. -Jerome Singer
'Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.... Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.... For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Jesus, in Luke 12:15, 23, 34
How does the tube get us? It seems to offer just what we want-- to entice us to gobble down the drivel that comes with whatever good it has to offer.
Every time you think television has hit its lowest ebb, a new type program comes along to make you wonder where you thought the ebb was. ~Art Buchwald
We're so much better than others-- deserve better, know better-- just look at the facts: Americans are number... umm... Alright, let's not. Let's put on another docu-drama, news-ertainment or commen-comedy that will tell us what we want to hear... Ah, thank you. That's better. Oh! A funny commercial!
Aided at it's launch by an heritage of principles, and fueled by freedom and free, or stolen, resources, the nation came to the end of it's 'destiny' to dominate and use others for it's own benefit-- becoming a bankrupt culture living on it's past glory, rolling forward on former impetus.
Wait.. who put that on? Give me the remote!

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