May 09, 2009

Beautiful Faces of Motherhood

Happy Mothers Day!

These photos are of my 'mothers'. These twelve 'whoa-man' super-moms have certainly touched my life-- mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers-- and they represent all of the special mothers in my life-- including the new moms that I meet nearly every day. Thank you. You're wonderful!

Why are they so beautiful?

This article found on the Activated Magazine site explains:

Beautiful motherhood

To children, no one in the whole world is more beautiful than their own loving mothers. Young children don’t think of their mothers in terms of fashion sense, great taste in jewelry, or perfect hair and nails. They also don’t notice stretch marks or gray hairs. Their little minds are oblivious to those things that tend to skew adults’ perceptions and expectations regarding beauty, so they’re actually better judges of what makes a woman truly beautiful.

Where do children find beauty?—In the eyes that convey pride in their achievements, in the lips that encourage and instruct, in the kisses that make small hurts bearable, in the soothing voice that puts them back to sleep after a bad dream, in the wrap-around love of a soft warm hug.

Where does such beauty come from?—With motherhood comes self-sacrifice, but from self-sacrifice comes humility, from humility comes grace, and from grace comes true beauty. A mother embodies life, love, and purity in the giving of herself to her children, and in these she is a reflection of God’s love for His children. This is why I believe that nothing makes a woman more beautiful than motherhood.

--Saskia Smith