February 20, 2009

Trains, Planes, Buses, Automobiles and Sleeping Sitting Up

After thirty-eight days, 22,000 miles (36,000 km) I'm home. I traveled by car six times and by bus five times, but over 10,000 miles was by train – fourteen segments, eleven of them overnight. I slept in twenty-three different beds-- and chairs-- preparing to publish my new book-- an illustrated edition of 101 Positions for Sleeping in a Chair.

Though intense, the trip was surprisingly easy and very pleasant. I was, of course, thrilled to see my parents, and most of my children and grand-children, brothers and sisters, their children-- and friends-- for the first time in many years for most.

Thank you, dear family, for making me feel so welcome and taking such good care of me.

Oh, and I don't want to forget the many folks that I met along the way. If you've managed to find your way here-- it was a pleasure and privilege to meet you-- so many people sharing so many stories and smiles.

Everyone-- please-- let's stay in touch. I always answer my email and have a large stockpile of stories and photos to post in the days ahead.

So come back and visit, Bruce

To visit thirty-seven family and friends in fourteen locations scattered all over the States, I zig-zagged for a month though twenty-eight states, mostly by train, from San Diego to Dallas and on to New York City, then to South Florida, back up to Washington, D.C., across to Seattle and down to Los Angeles-- with visits in West Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, Nevada and Arizona.

Due to hurricane damage to tracks running along the Gulf of Mexico-- between New Orleans and Florida-- all cross-country trains are being routed through Chicago, forcing the non-circular route that I've marked on the map.

Top photo: Flagstaff, Arizona Amtrak station at dawn, February 7th, 2009.