January 15, 2009

10,000 Mile Loop

That's a comedy performing team that Andrew and I met on our way to Tokyo on January 10th. That's Mount Fuji in the background.

I'm posting today from San Diego, California, the start of the rail-pass portion of a one-month trip around the United States. I flew in yesterday from Japan and will be in trains, buses, cars and planes for much of the next 30 days-- mostly in trains-- about 12 days-- and another three days in the others.

The other half of the trip will be my stops in twelve cities at the four corners of the US. From here I will go to Dallas, on to NYC, West Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, Seattle, Las Vegas, Nevada, Flagstaff, Arizona and Twentynine Palms, California. I'll be vistiing my parents, and many of my children, grandchildren, and brothers and sisters and a couple friends- twelve cities in all.

I always invite the folks I meet to visit this blog-- so, welcome! I'm not sure how soon I'll have the photos and details of this trip posted here, so please explore and bookmark (Control-D in Firefox, 'Favorites' in Explorer.)

And to everyone in my big 'loop'-- see you soon!