May 04, 2008

Five Sisters and Spring Holidays

In a month when I had so much to write about, I didn't make a single post-- sorry! My excuse is simply, because of all the things happening, that I should have written about, just took so much of my time-- good excuse, eh? I don't think I'd do well as a news reporter-- I'd be fired!

The 'Five Sister' reunion was the biggest event-- with Aiko, Andi, baby Izumi and Erika staying for four weeks. For the last week, Angie and Naomi visited from Tokyo, and Izumi from Australia. Baby Izumi got to meet her namesake and was the center of attention, of course. The photos will be a later post.

Spring also sprang upon us-- after a heavy snowfall the last day of March-- bringing with it Japan's famous cherry blossom (sacura) season, with picnics under the blossoms. We also participated in an international festival and the local Children's day-- photos coming.

The nights are still cold, as we are at 1000 meters, but by Golden Week-- this week-- we're having some beautiful weather-- more photos!

Did I mention photos? Well, another big event, at least for me, was getting a new-- I mean, used-- camera, a Canon Powershot A540. I've gotten along with my cellphone or borrowed cameras for quite a few years now, so I'm very happy to have my 'story-telling' camera-- small enough to always carry with me.

There's more, but those are the highlights.

And to each one who contributed your prayers during this busy time-- a big... Thank you!