November 13, 2007

So Far, So Good

I recently updated my 'gateway' website at as it was pointing to an 'experimental' blog at Wordpress, rather than this one-- sorry. It will eventually be a digital hallway with doors to lots of interesting things, but for now, just one door that will take you here...

Websites and blogs have been a learning process-- see my: 'Blogging 101'. Most recently I've been researching which online resources have the most, while requiring the least from me-- Yes, you can read that as, 'finding sites that offer a lot for free.'

Right now my focus is to find a home for my photos. Over the past few months, I've edited and posted hundreds of photos on several sites. I have hundreds more chronicling decades of adventure in China, Japan, India, the U.S., Canada and Mexico. I'll soon be posting the stories to match these photos.

So far: Picasa was the easier to get started; Flickr proved to be the most resource-rich-- including 'tagging' which pushed some of my photos near the top of certain searches. I've also just tried Photobucket, and really like it, but it's too soon to draw a conclusion-- although they have also just added 'tags' for their photos.

If you have any tips for me, please send 'em! Thanks!

Picasa (1) Over 100 of my most current, up-to-date photos in folders by category

Picasa (2) Again, ten categories with about 100 photos of Fukuoka, Japan

Flickr a few folders, I just started here

Photobucket Also just started here.

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