May 16, 2007

Spring in Japan's Alps and News Update

Well, Spring may have long ago arrived where you are, but it has just decided to show up here in the Japanese Alps... and I have to admit that it was worth the wait.

First came the plum trees, and then the cherry blossoms along with daffodils and, yes, dandelions. Then, just as the cherry blossoms started to fade, the apple orchards started, and the pear and lots of others. The parks, roadways and private gardens are full of cherry trees and the mountain valleys full of orchards and vineyards-- I can safely say that I've never seen so many flowering trees.

Since trading our seaside house in Kyushu for Nagano's mountain-ringed valleys, we're really enjoying the beautiful snow and winter sports, as well as the warm fellowship and activities.

We're continuing our normal teaching and missionary outreach, but other activities have included seeing one family of five off to Africa and welcoming a missionary couple from Thailand, with their sweet baby.

One focus has been preparation for our summer witnessing music and drama programs, including upgrading our home to prepare for hosting even more missionaries. Our 17-room plus kitchen and dining room building is slowly being purged, reorganized, and renewed-- including the little music studio, which has nevertheless been actively producing original music and other needed recordings.

We're happy to be contributing to all that's happening here, excited with what the future holds and very thankful for the part you, our friends, have played in making it all possible.

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